Saturday, March 21, 2009

Buying Cheap Quality Tyres and Batteries Online

damage tyre
1. Studies of tyre safety show that maintaining proper tyre pressure, observing tyre and vehicle load limits, and inspecting tyres for cuts, slashes, and other irregularities are the most important things you can do to avoid tyre failure, such as tread separation or blowout and flat tyres. These actions, along with other care and maintenance activities, can also improve vehicle handling, help protect you and others from avoidable breakdowns, improve fuel economy, increase the life of your tyres and most importantly to avoid accidents!

2. Many of us are ignoring the fact that good quality tyres also will ensure your car safety. I know good quality tyres on the regular market are really expensive. But have you ever thought of buying them online? Tyre Online Company providing you not only cheap (discount up to 40%) quality tyres but also free mobile fitting, whether at home or work and of course with fully guaranteed tyres fitting and balancing.

3. Besides getting cheap price, the other advantage of buying them online is saving your time. As a matter of fact, many of us are too busy with work and often forget to change the tyres. So by buying them online, at least you don’t have to leave your office because the service will come to the front of your office door. How convenient.

4. Apart from that, the company is not only selling tyres but also car batteries. They are usually come with a good deal package. Personally car battery is also as important as car tyres in term of car safety. But I will talk more about it later. For now, please check your car tyres frequently and make sure you buy only good quality tyres.

Road Traffic Accident Photos at Doha Photos

Doha Road Traffic Accident Photo 11. I stumbled upon this news when browsing the internet. A pretty severe road traffic accident that happened about 5-6 months ago at rich city of Doha, Qatar. I don't know the details, the news told me nothing but from the photos, we can see that it was collision between a tanker and a jeep.

2. The accident was probably initially caused by the tanker, if we look from the crash configuration where the tanker on top of the jeep. The tanker lost control, roll over and happened to hit the jeep in a random manner. Well, there are many other reasons can cause such collision. Plus, the accident happened at landmark crossings. But one thing for sure, it is not neccessarily a high speed collision.

Doha Road Traffic Accident Photo 2
Doha Road Traffic Accident Photo 3
Doha Road Traffic Accident Photo 4


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

New Traffic Lamborghini Gallardo Patrol Car in Doha

1. This morning I got an email from my colleague, Ramizam about new traffic Lamborghini Gallardo patrol car in Doha. The car photos looks really awesome. To match public and people's fast and luxury cars in Doha, I think this is really a nice and intelligent move by Doha government.

2. But how about Malaysia? How Malaysia government counter the problem of many "super modified" cars on Malaysian road? Here is the solution: Mitsubishi EVO 10 Patrol Car. Not too bad huh.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Honda Review - Accord 2010 Review Part 2

Last post, I have been submitted about accord 2010. In that review, I have been telling you the accord 2010 review as general.

Today, what I want to share is about user comment about accord 2010. Many peoples are very satisfied on this car. Here it is of the latest Honda cars :

The acceleration on this car is very high. No need to change until gear 1 to start move when traffic light switch red. Only use second gear to start moving.

Fuel Economy
This car also fuel economy. this is because the engine is base on hybrid engine. By Japan technology, this is the advantage. This will save so much credit for fuel by the fuel price are increasing up today.

The handling of this car are also give the driver comfortable. By use the power steering, this accord 2010 driving more comfort.

This accord 2010 are very safety. This is because this car use air bag. Also the breaking system use BS system technology.

Most of accord 2010 user give this car rating 5 stars. This is because the technology use on this car is the latest technology. So, more comfortable and more safety. If you plan to buy brand new car, I suggest you by buying this car. Many people very satisfied of this car.

accord 2010

Saturday, March 14, 2009

What is Brake Fade and How to Overcome It

Isware Crash1. I'm currently at Sabah, investigating 2 cases, which is one at Lahad Datu (Tipper lorry vs Glue Tanker 4 died) and one at Penampang (Iswara hit roadside barrier 3 died). But this post is made specially to discuss Proton Iswara case which I think very interesting one: brake fade.

2. What is brake fade? Brake fade manifests itself by a spongy feel on the pedal and has little of no braking force at all. But please don't confuse brake fade with bad brakes or a mechanical fault since the brake fade is unexpected event that can occur to all kind of vehicles; new or old. You are more likely to experience brake fade if you do not change the brake fluid frequently.

3. When Will You Experience Brake Fade? Brake fade is usually happening when you are driving downhill. When you use your brakes you are converting the forward momentum of the car into heat. The heat will build up on the disks where it will be dissipated into the air. As a result your brake disk will turn up red and little smoke will be visible. When the brake disk is hot, it losts its sturdy property (softer) and thus, the brake grip lessen.

4. On this case, the distance between the accident site and the peak of the mountenous road stretch is about 14km. The victim car was travelling downhill and during those 14km distance, he would keep pressing his car brake. And 500 metres before the very acute corner of accident site, it was at least 11 degrees slope road. People who are not common with the road stretch would not be prepared with this kind of sudden high slope and acute corner. Thus, my hypothesis is when the victim tried to apply his brake, the brake was already in the state of brake fade and ended up the car went straight hit the roadside barrier. Morever, no sign of any skid marks before the point of impact with the barrier.

Penampang Sabah 15. Above is the picture of passing by car during my investigation on the site. I found out there was a little smoke came out from its front wheel which indicated that the brake was already in brake fade condition. It was not only this car, I found out like every 8 out of 10 passing by vehicles have a little smoke on their wheels.

Penampang Sabah Road6. If you watch carefully on the photo above, there was a memorial stone at the point of impact site. According to locals, the case is not the first one, as many similar accidents occured at the very place before and already took so many lives.

Penampang Sabah Crash
Penampang Sabah 27. How to Avoid Brake Fade? To avoid brake fade, do not keep your brakes on frequently when driving downhill, change into a lower gear and let the engine maintain a safe speed of the car. Rather than brake heavily at the very last minute, try to spread your breaking over a longer distance. An emergency stop from 70km/h is sometimes enough to cause brake fade. So jab the brakes quite hard at first and kill most of your forward momentum, the speed you are travelling at will help the disks to dissipate the heat and then reapply the brakes more gently bringing the car to a stop. If you have made heavy use of your brakes always assume that fade will manifest itself for the next few minutes and thus increase your distance from the car behind and keep your speed down a little.

8. Hopefully this post will help you all to understand the hazard of brake fade and teach you to be more careful when driving downhill. Let's share this info to everyone.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mitsubishi Evo 10: Malaysian New Patrol Police Cars [Photos]

Kereta Peronda Malaysia Evo 10 1
1. When my big brother told me that Royal Malaysian Police (RMP or PDRM) is upgrading their Proton Waja to Mitsubishi Evo 10, I laughed. I said no way! What I know so far, they already upgrade some of their patrol cars to Volvo and I've seen one at Putrajaya.

2. However, I go surfed the Internet and the news is actually true. They have been out already! Is the purchase just for the needs or style? Anyhow, good luck to those racers out there! Runnnnn..but wait up, please ensure safety first ok!

Kereta Peronda Malaysia Evo 10 2
Kereta Peronda Malaysia Evo 10 3
Kereta Peronda Malaysia Evo 10 4
Kereta Peronda Malaysia Evo 10 5
Kereta Peronda Malaysia Evo 10 6

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

US Government and AIG bailouts. Funny!


ZO6 Chevrolet Corvette The most powerful passenger car engine.

ZO6 Chevrolet Corvette

ZO6 Chevrolet Corvette The most powerful passenger car engine.

The Corvette Z06 is the fastest, most powerful car ever offered by Chevrolet and General Motors. It is comprised of an unprecedented level of capability and technology, making it one of the greatest performance values on the market.Chevrolet introduced the Corvette Z06 at the North American International Auto Show.
The Corvette Z06’s powertrain and drivetrain systems are matched to the LS7’s performance capability. The light, four-into-one headers discharge in to new, close-coupled catalytic converters and through to new “bi-modal” mufflers. The mufflers each feature a vacuum-actuated outlet valve, which controls exhaust noise during low-load operation but opens for maximum power.
With 500 horsepower and 475 lb-ft of torque, The ZO6 is the most powerful passenger car engine ever produced by Chevrolet and GM. The LS7 is easily identified under the hood by red engine covers with black lettering.
ZO6 Chevrolet Corvette

The aerodynamics of the Corvette Z06’s exterior were shaped by the experiences of the Corvette racing program, where high-speed stability and cornering capability are paramount. And while the racecars use large rear wings, the Z06’s elevated spoiler provides sufficient downforce to balance the road-worthy front splitter without adversely affecting aerodynamic drag. The Z06’s Cd is 0.31.
For all its race-inspired functionality, the Corvette Z06 is designed to be a daily drivable high-performance vehicle. To that end, comfort and convenience are held to a very high standard. HID lighting, fog lamps, leather seating, dual-zone air conditioning, cabin air filtration and Head-Up Display (HUD) with track mode and g-meter are standard.
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