Friday, July 31, 2009

Kenari Vs. Trailer 5 Death - Fatigue Killed People!

Perodua KenariResource: Perodua Singapore

1. Above is the photo of normal Perodua Kenari that you can easily find on Malaysian road. However, during the crash with a container trailer last week, the car had "lost" its original-well-being. Five members of a family including a 10-month-old baby boy were killed in the accident.

Perodua Kenari Maran Case 12. The impact of the crash threw four of the victims out of the car and the baby's body was sadly found in a drain. The Perodua Kenari was dragged for about 80m before coming to a stop at the edge of a hill. Based on words from the witnesses, the trailer rammed into the middle road divider and a lamp post which broke into two before colliding with the car from the opposite lane.

Maran Accident3. Fatigue is the most probable cause of the accident. Based on words from trailer driver assistant, the trailer driver had driven for 48 hours in a row without sleep and rest. As for any braking marks, the investigation team found them on the trailer travelling lane but cannot confirm as yet because they are probably due to brake marks from other vehicles which suddenly stopped after saw the accident. Plus, the widths of the skid marks were not matched with the width tire of the trailer. Below are some more post-crash photos of the unlucky Perodua Kenari.

Perodua Kenari Maran Case 2
Perodua Kenari Maran Case 3
Perodua Kenari Maran Case 4
Perodua Kenari Maran Case 54. And this is the photo of the trailer which hit the Perodua Kenari.

Trailer Maran Case 15. Well, it is not the lorry driver was 100% to be blamed. Instead, we should blame the trailer company because they were not implementing a good safety, health and environment (SHE) procedures for their employees. Look what has happened? It is not impossible that same accident will happen again in the future if the fleet company still do nothing and can easily escape during this kind of incident.

6. In conclusion, fatigue can really kill people. So, please make sure before you drive any vehicles, you are in a good shape, getting enough sleep and eating well. If not, we might kill people without intending to do it. Five persons were not a small number to begin with. So let's drive safe.

Maran Accident
Pahang Accident
Malaysia Accident
Trailer Accident

Resouce: Local Newspaper

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Proton Wira Underride a Trailer!

wira accident1. Can you believe this? The crash looks scary but all occupants of the car survived the crash! Great! How is it happened? The car hit the trailer when the trailer was in reverse motion from a steel factory at KM 199 Jalan Kuantan - Pintasan Pelabuhan, Kuantan.

2. Please watch out for the trailers/lorry when you are driving at industrial areas. Remember your loved ones :)


Friday, July 24, 2009

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Car was Stolen? [Video]

1. This is very interesting video about an "idiot" who forget to pull his handbrake when filling the gas and later he thought that "My car was stolen?". Watch it!

2. I think it's funny that he heard the car hit the ditch, realized it was his car, then went back to filling his little gas tank! Then he looks up at the other people, probably saying, "I don't know who's car that is, I'm not that stupid!" Hahaha.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Road Safety Poster: Can You Survive this Without a Helmet?

MIROS road safety poster1. This is a road safety poster that I designed by myself. Please share the road safety message with your friends. You can either forward the poster on email or color print it on the A3-size paper and put on your room or your office. Thanks.

2. Click on the poster before you want to save it or to have a bigger view. :)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

General Motors (GM) Will Sell Cars on eBay?

Ebay logo1. This is a breaking news for me. Well, after recovering from the economic unstability, General Motors (GM) is considering a partnership with eBay to make it easier for consumers to impulse-buy new vehicles as announced yesterday. Though the deal isn't yet finalized, GM would like to sell their vehicles both through traditional auctions (Bidding) and with a "Buy It Now" option.

One G.M. dealer said he had already talked with the company about the program and was excited about it.

The dealer, Inder Dosanjh, who owns Dublin Chevrolet outside San Francisco, said listing new cars on eBay would allow his dealership to get in front of customers who were doing most of their car shopping on the Internet. He said that would include some people who might not have otherwise considered a G.M. car.

For customers, he added, shopping on eBay could take some of the pressure off the negotiation process. "One of the fears the customer has when they walk in the door is that they are going to pay too much for a car," Mr. Dosanjh said. "If they are negotiating a deal on eBay, from their living room, they are in their comfort level."

2. State franchising laws prohibit car makers from selling directly to consumers, and it looks like dealers will still have a significant amount of leverage, including control over "the inventory and what pricing they have out there." Would you buy a new G.M. through eBay, or is haggling in person with the dealer half the fun?


Saturday, July 11, 2009

38' Bugatti Vanden Plas Photoshots by Ken Brown

1. Ken Brown is such a very popular photographer. His photo technique is just awesome. Among his awards are International Photography Awards 2008 (Abstract category) - honorable mention, International Photography Awards 2008 (Still Life category) - honorable mention, Strobist Photo's of the Year 2007 Grand Prize and American Photo's Images of the Year 2007 - Honorable Mention.

2. Among of his many popular photos, I love these 38' Bugatti Vanden Plas photoshots. Can you believe that he just used a camera and a tripod to come up with these kinds of photos? Please enjoy!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Interesting Painted Cars

Weird Car Painting 11. These are the photos of interesting painted cars. Are they safe being on the road? In my opinion, some of the paintings might distract other road users and thus being the cause of the accident. Don't you agree?

Weird Car Painting 2
Weird Car Painting 3
Weird Car Painting 4
interesting car painting
painted car

Friday, July 3, 2009

Volkswagen L1 2010: Saving Your Fuel Budget

Volkswagen L1 11. This is such a great news to all people. In this age of stratospheric oil prices, the scientists at Volkswagen are working away on the L1 concept that will go 100 kilometres for every litre of gasoline.

2. In addition, Volkswagen is very keen on the L1 estimated hitting streets as early as 2010. However, the L1 concept can seat only two adults, one behind the other like a motorcycle and will top out at a maximum speed of 75mph (about 110kmh).

3. On a positive note, this design will make the L1 narrow enough to cut across the narrow city streets with veritable ease.

Volkswagen L1 2
Volkswagen L1 3
Volkswagen L1 4

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Creative Combination of Car Parts and Furniture

creative car parts 11. I love this photo. The "vehicle" looks fun to ride. Below are some more photos of creative combination of car parts and furniture. Enjoy!

nice car furniture
creative car furniture
For More Photos
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