Thursday, June 30, 2011

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  • arunsarun
    08-14 12:09 PM
    When can we assume that we got a visa number allocated to our case.Will it be after we receive notice for Finger Printing ?

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  • vikki76
    08-12 02:58 PM
    Hmm..I take back my words..maybe it is notice date as exact term per USCIS is "receipt notice date".
    Or in typical USCIS fashion..whatever they think best :D
    Even I was wondering same thing- Notice Date or Received Date. USCIS website says Received date is taken into account while looking at service centers processing times.
    Here is exact line-
    "IMPORTANT: If your receipt notice date is earlier then the processing date shown, we suggest you call our USCIS Customer Service Office at 1-800-375-5283 for assistance."

    Of course, I personally wish that Notice Date takes precedence as it is not our fault that one file just kept on sitting and in saga of moving dates and PD, each day makes a difference.

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  • belmontboy
    04-15 07:44 PM
    While they a burden to US for 2 years and add nothing to the economy during the same 2, years a H1B contributes to the economy in form of taxes (SS, medicare State and Federal Tax)

    Can you refute that ?????

    Your turn ...........

    MS fees are 30k.

    Plainspeak: get your facts right before you come for a fight

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  • jayleno
    02-25 10:10 AM
    Great Idea. We can have a poll on this just to see how many support this.


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  • GCStatus
    09-18 12:55 AM
    GCStatus & MadhuVJ,

    192.168.xx.xx is private IP address. Your service provider is Comcast and your IP is We would not post your IP if you do not stop making things up. We know that its the same person, you cannot convince otherwise. Look, I am not telling you to mend your ways, do what you feel helps your objective. But when we find something in competition with our objective, we will have to let you know. And as you suggested, please do send us your phone number. We sure would like to get a chance to speak with you.


    Dude, what do you want to bet if we are not the same?. STOP accusing with out any proof. This is the last time i am saying this.

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  • sundevil
    03-06 01:20 PM
    Ironic, this poll is skewed. So we have 40 people saying yes and obviously the other 1000 viewers want to pray. You might drop a 50$ donation in your place of worship for a guesstimate that GOD is taking care of you. But, you dont want to pay 25$ to get a good estimate of when your turn to get GC might be? It is worth every penny to get a little peak into the future so everyone lets get this done.


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  • supernova
    04-12 11:48 AM
    I've seen dozens of people exploiting sub-labor and got their gc's. There are thousand's of them jumped the queue for last time in July '07. I do agree with the person who started this thread.

    There isn't anything we can do about it now. Let's concentrate on what we can do.

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  • sam2006
    08-14 12:53 PM
    eb3_nepa think you are right
    our cases are beeing trans to TSC

    LUD 07-28
    140 approved TSC
    485 NSC 3rd july signed by R.Willimas
    NO CC
    NO Receipt


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  • eastindia
    04-15 09:54 AM
    Instead of wasting time and arguing with others, why don't we start a Blog with this theme. You can put all these facts and the way other countries are doing the immigration process for the professionals. This may attract every one including the Government. In the mean time, we can start sending emails to the Congress men also.

    After all these posts your plan of action is to start a blog and send emails to Congress. :D

    Is that all you can think of? I suggest you educate yourself first on how laws in Congress are changed. Talk to others who were able to change laws in Congress. Then find out how they did it, money they spent, time it took and people it took.

    In this country if you want to do anything via congress you have to lobby. Tell me one bill in this country that was passed because someone created a blog and emailed congress.

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  • k3GC
    11-20 06:59 PM
    Just did another $100.00 contribution, a small contribution to support all efforts to get something done to help our cause.


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  • mayitbesoon
    09-05 05:14 PM
    If HR 5882 bill is passed, it is good that we have more visa numbers. But the issue of random processing without considering priority dates is frustrating to people with older PDs. Lot of people here are eligible to get GCs with the current cutoff dates, but still are being left out. I think, this is another very important issue to be fight for by the IV core team and members.

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  • jsb
    08-19 02:05 PM
    Thanks. Fortunately I have my I-485 approved more than a year ago and it was adjudicated and approved in one go.

    The review of the cases progresses as per RD in pre-adjudication
    Your profile (above) says that you are at I-485 stage, so I thought you are waiting for approval.


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  • akhilmahajan
    06-18 10:12 AM
    Can you guys share the formats of the add, you took out in the newspaper..........

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  • jukebox
    08-14 01:11 PM
    :DI have just noticed my check got cashed yesterday.:D
    Texas service center, application mailed June 30, Received July 2, 10:35 AM
    I have also noticed that they are noting SRC *** nos in back of check, I have read my SRC no from online check image and get exact status :
    August 10, application received & pending...:)


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  • mjdup
    12-19 04:25 PM
    Well said ! $20 is not a lot but if you are first time contributor, the mind set just changes after you contribute and you become part of this organisation. And that is what we want - active participation !

    We have reached 40%. To reach 50% we need $6000 more. If more people can contribute, we can reach this in no time.

    The core and a lot of serious members have already contributed.

    There are 2 mind sets of people on this forum:
    1) I have contributed $500+ , I do not need to contribute $20 more, In anycase what is my
    $20 going to do?.
    2) I have never contributed, but I am ashamed of making my first contribution of only $20.
    (Although that is what I am comfortable doing at this time.)

    Both the above mindsets are wrong because If we have 7000+ members, out of which say 1000 have already contributed, that leaves us with 6000 members. If 6000 members contribute $1 each, we are at $ 6000 - 50% met.
    Now all are not going to do it.
    So you see $20 is still a good amount to start.

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  • mohanty999
    08-17 05:54 PM
    Since your file is at TSC, there is an email address that AILA members have to request that your file be processed once PD is current. Contact your lawyer and ask him to check AILA InfoNet Doc. No. 08103067, that's where the procedure is outlined.

    I asked my lawyer abouT this and she said that in a recent AILA liasion meeting, TSC told AILA that they now have an "automatic sweep" process to determine which applicants have current PDs and therefore this email process is no longer required. Has anyone else heard the same?


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  • go2roomshare
    07-08 09:44 PM
    There is no point in sending flowers knowing nothing gonna change. it is like putting flowers to us.

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  • venkat80
    08-22 12:14 AM
    On March 12, 2002, the House passed such an extension. Section
    245(i) of the Immigration and Nationality Act was first enacted as a temporary
    provision in 1994 and has been extended several times since then. It enables
    unauthorized aliens in the United States who are eligible for immigrant visas based on
    family relationships or job skills to become legal permanent residents (LPRs) without
    leaving the country, provided they pay an additional fee. Before an alien can apply
    to adjust to LPR status, the alien must have an approved immigrant visa petition and
    must have a visa number immediately available to him or her. Currently, to be eligible
    to adjust status under �245(i), an unauthorized alien must be the beneficiary of an
    immigrant petition or labor certification application filed by April 30, 2001. An
    unauthorized alien whose petition or application was not filed by April 30, 2001 must
    go overseas to obtain a visa.

    Originally Posted by amsgc
    - What was the subject?
    It was some thing like 245- xxxxx India/China- Was it about about EB or FB?

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  • sparky_jones
    08-14 01:44 PM

    I have a profile made my LUD hasn't changed, I do not know where my I140 was approved from... HOW can I find that?

    I guess if your receipt number starts with SRC, it was processed at TSC.

    08-22 12:27 AM

    Your case may be preadjudicated.....(if at all that is actually true)....yet it does not stop USCIS from sending an RFE for anything especially it has been over a few months since they last saw ur case....and once an RFE is issued you again go back in the list and the wait continues to next year when the window again opens for a short time.

    It is absolutely nonsense that preadjudicated cases are in a pile waiting for visa number...this is from my attorney....USCIS can issue n number of RFEs.....and each time it is issued it furthers the chance of green....


    How do you know if your case is pre-adjudicated or not. Could we call USCIS and ask the representative about this?
    PD - July 2004 - EB2
    I-485 RD - August 17, 2007 - TSC
    I-485 ND - Oct 16, 2007
    Is there a chance that mine pre-adjudicated? I attended the interview on Jun 25, 2009. The DAO asked me for various docs and I provided all those. Is there a chance of getting RFE still?

    07-09 08:24 PM
    According to DHS statistics there are around 50,000 EB2 lndia Labors in 2004 and 2005 each. So ppl with 2005, 2006 priority dates you can wait around 6-7 years for ur priority dates to be current with annual limit of around 5000 for EB2 India.

    The lawsuit can be filed by your American Civil Liberties Union Member or ur aunt or uncle or mistress who is a US citizen. U guys and gals with 485's will not be there in the lawsuit but will benefit if the lawsuit wins.

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