Sunday, June 26, 2011

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  • smodekurti
    10-12 05:04 PM
    Now that your H1B from new company has been approved, they must have reopened the old one to send the notice to lawyer requesting them to confirm that you no longer work with them.

    Anyways since ur new H1 is approved you have nothing to worry... chill and Njoy
    This could be possible cos my previous employer told me that they have sent H1B withdrawal letter to USCIS a sometime ago. USCIS might have acted on that request. But we never know.
    Thanks again.

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  • indianindian2006
    03-13 01:16 PM
    Does any one know what the EX and FX categories mean?

    employment and family

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  • WaldenPond
    11-13 04:11 PM

    Thanks for all the efforts you have made for us. Just contributed 200$ , please ask others to contribute too. Together we all need to give that one last giant push......

    Friends ,
    I appeal to all of you, this is the best time to start enegizign ourself and contribute for the cause.... I have done my second contrbution ...let's do it..

    Hello anurakt,

    Thank for contributing again to IV. You and other members like yourself would be the reason for IVs success in changing the flawed green card system.

    Thank you for encouraging other IV members for contributing. As you know, this is very important and more amongst us should encourage our fellow IV members to contribute. Often times it is evident that few IV members are struggling to keep a positive tone on the forums. As you may have experienced, it is easy to post few messages here and there. The message of some of these posts is to throw out ideas for others to implement. But in the end, the success of our community will depend on the contribution from kind members like you. Thank You.


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  • priti8888
    10-16 06:24 PM
    How do we know we're stuck in the namecheck process?

    Does the on-line status state that the application is in the namecheck 'phase' or something to that effect?

    Thanks, status wont chnage.

    U can either call the 1-800 # or make an infopass appointment 4-6 Months after your first FP. If u plan to call, make sure u call 3-4 times because you might get conflicting info


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  • anzerraja
    07-20 09:40 AM
    There is a funding drive in this other thread towards reimbursing the administrative costs of IV.

    Could you please pledge an amount ?

    You are an inspiration to all of us in the IV community.
    You are selfless and humble and these are amongst the most noble qualities a leader can have.

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  • wandmaker
    06-06 05:29 PM
    Just finished calling all of them. Was very easy. 9-11 minutes top.

    Thank you


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  • zCool
    02-27 04:04 PM
    Not wrong.. I said it's "being" cancelled..
    No one knows for sure what the final rule is likely to be. Chances are anyone who doesn't have approved petition may be rejected once substitution is cancelled.
    People sometimes don't want to believe bad news.. and this is what is going on with some desi employers and immigration lawyers..
    but all signs are it's gonna happen and very soon.. maybe March 1st. I myself struggled and decided against someone who offered me in past 1 month.

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  • Rajeev
    01-31 03:00 PM
    They are still 3 and 9 under most popular.


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  • ryan
    05-26 11:26 PM
    There is nothing in it for us. In-fact, if this bill passes, they are goin got apply the unused visa numbers towards FB, and we will lose any chance of re-capture, for-ever.
    I think, we have a lost cause. The sooner we accept this, the better. We simply do not have the funds, commitment and political support that the illegals enjoy. We all know where the maximum nubver of FB immigrants are from, and they represent a big block of votes, since most of them happen to have the herd mentality, due to lack of education.

    We, on the other hand, are educated, well read, tax paying people, who actually think about issues and merits of a person, hence no use to politicians.

    Please, could you try and be a bit more positive. 400K illegal to legal or otherwise is a 400K vote if granted residency. Meaning you - a legal, educated and GDP contributor shall have more a chance to those less educated with menial jobs and no real standing on ways of life in this country or a positive contribution to true development. Being positive is half the battle won.

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  • sunny1000
    12-13 08:49 PM


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  • franklin
    07-11 08:02 PM
    Can we put a poll on this thread to see how many members will attend the rally? Thanks.

    I'm not entirely sure how to do that on an already created thread...

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  • gccovet
    09-24 08:32 AM :mad::mad:


    The best way to respond this kind of people is to ignore them....
    If you are successful, certain people will complain and make up stories how you became successful.
    If you fail, the same people will makeup stories how dumb you are etc...

    The best way, in my opinion, is to ignore these fools.

    Those who are writing negative about IV and their leaders, do not have slightest idea on how much sacrifices they have made (family time, financially, physically, mentally etc) so that most of us could be benefited out of it. If these people think they are not benefited or does not like the idea, please don't read those post or just ignore them and move on, go to the posts that you would be benefited from and logout, I personally would like these people to share their experience and answer questions by others with their best of their knowledge, but if you can�t do that, please don't demoralize others.

    And yes, I don't care about RED dots, so bring them on.



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  • stanyrod1
    07-17 11:00 PM
    I agree with the original posting that our next step should be capture of unused Visa from Previous years . But this would require a change in law.

    A better interim relief would be a 3 years EAD/AP for H1 visa holders ,as granted to some other catogeries , which would also reduce the processing time for EAD.


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  • kilubilu46
    07-16 12:17 PM

    It should have 50K signatures.


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  • Humhongekamyab
    07-02 02:53 PM
    Were they affected by your complaint? I guess they know and are ready to face these things.

    No disrespect but your signature is "The first step in fighting injustice, is to make it visible" - Mahatma Gandhi

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  • bkam
    06-07 02:48 PM
    A lot was said above but some basic things still need clarification.

    I do believe that I HAVE THE RIGHT to get my LCA adjudicated in 2-3 months time (OK, make it 6 months, having in mind you are dealing with an inefficient administration).
    I do believe that I HAVE THE RIGHT to know in short term (2-3 months, not 3-4 years !) if I am eligible for permanent residency.
    I do believe that I HAVE THE RIGHT to know how long (if approved) will take the I-485 process.

    These are clear, simple questions that require clear, simple answers. Getting these answers (NO is also an answer) in a reasonable period of time is a right, not a privilege...


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  • trueguy
    08-13 06:00 PM
    This is really bad news indeed. USCIS is screwing us up big time. How can they see a demand for the numbers when there is no one applying for the past 3 months?

    Any why cann't they determine Oct dates for EB3 now? What will change in Early September? Are they going to process any EB3 with "U" in early September? This is so BS.

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  • Macaca
    02-06 11:33 AM
    Yes--Universties--come under non-profit as per INS, hence exempted from quota, but not Elem/Middle/High schools.
    USCIS is much more screwed up then our collective imagination.

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  • immigc06
    10-02 02:35 PM
    Totally agree with you.

    08-24 10:51 AM
    Thank you for the reply. When you say that if I go with Company A that there will be more scrutiny, do you mean they will check the vailidity of the offer and their ability to pay? I work for a Govt. Agency(Company C), they will give me an EVL but I am not sure if they will specify "in accordance with I140". I am actually doing the same job, same place, before as a contractor(Company A) and now as an Employee(Company C).

    This is what you could do. Take the updated EVL letter from your HR/ Supervisor. Attach latest paystubs as additional proof. Now for duties if the EVL does not contain this info then attach a copy of job posting advertisement that was issued when you were hired. Every govt job needs to be advertised. It can be in papers or their own website. Then get the lawyer to draft the AC21 letter and to point out the similarities between this job and your labor.

    06-22 03:44 PM
    Agree to

    a lot of them did go against Ben's rules, so I'm going to leave it to him and his discretion. I guess we will just have to wait.

    think we should wait a little longer :snooze:

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