Wednesday, June 29, 2011

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  • Gravitation
    07-06 08:56 PM
    Hey Gravitation, according to the poll "How many sent the flowers" you have not sent the flowers. Please either send the flowers or update the poll. Just keeping track :)

    I had initially polled No. Then I changed my mind about sending flowers. Order number: FEJ345413

    I just tried to change my vote, it wouldn't let me.

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  • bsbawa10
    09-05 05:14 PM
    Hello Guys

    How many days we will have left in Sep month. Now its too late any action we will take may need 15 days or more .. by that time we will have oct month and new bulletin..

    rather than there will be a some movement on HR 5882 bill next week.. lets focus on it so it will solve problem for all.

    This is also for all and it is not about recapturing the visas alone. It is about justice to anybody whose PD is current. What kind of justice would it be if your PD is current after the visas have been recaptured and you are waiting for 10 years just because your case is not being picked up in the random lottery ?

    Once again, please visit and make constructive contribution to editing this letter adding impressive thoughts. I am ready to post the letter. If nobody joins hands with me, I will go alone but it will be good if we are together.

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  • Leo07
    11-28 01:02 PM

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  • Better_Days
    12-04 02:11 PM
    No, we want ALL pregnant women every where to come to US to give birth so we can get to pay for there care.

    There are concepts like decency , humanity and compassion which shouldn't be put aside just because someone is in the country illegally. Shackling a woman to a bed while she is giving birth is a inhumane and barbaric.

    If you had bothered to read the story, you would have known that even convicted felons are not shackled while delivering. I guess it is worse to be an illegal immigrant in police detention than a convicted murdered in state penitentiary.


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  • anda007
    07-08 11:49 PM
    Thats wrong. This is not being posted by private people. It is being delivered and packaged by FTD/1800 flowers and such known company.
    What u are saying would be true if people are sending envelopes with a 33cent stamp on it
    All of this will be delivered to the building for sure

    With all of the anthrax scares going on I'd be very surprised if they even allowed the flowers to be delivered to the building (especially if they are accompanied with get well soon cards). You may want to make sure that the flowers are being signed for and delivered before you send any more.

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  • deecha
    07-20 07:05 PM
    this is my first post...
    I've seen most of you guys are indians, I admire you for being so organized and brave, and also for getting skilled enough to be sucessfull anywhere.
    I'm not in the IT business, I'm not indian, I don't have special skills nor advanced dregrees. I'm just a regular guy who has worked all his life to achieve what he got. Since my degree is a 3 years old, I did not qualify foe EB2 even being in a managerial position for over 10 years.
    I was waiting for the opportunity to file my family's I485 and then my company was bought and I was laid off on jun 14th.
    I've been 6 years in this country, I have 2 american born kids, I've paid a lot of taxes, I have a house mortgage, a car loan...
    Now I'm out of status and worst of all, everything on the GC process is lost.

    I don't think it's fair, I've never done anything illegal, but I'm not ready to leave the country. I need to sell my property, don't know what to do with the car, my wife is on her MBA thesis, I just can't leave.

    I'm telling all this not because I want you to feel sorry, but to create awareness that it's NOT on your hands being legal or illegal. You're in others hands: your employer, USCIS, the adjudicator officer.

    So don't judge others just because you have been lucky enough to maintain your status...

    Good luck to you all in your I-485s

    VZLAN, Ah! I can't return to my country since I am Venezuelan, and I don't plan to raise my kids under communism.

    I am really sorry about your situation. While, it is true that there is a lot under USCIS' adjudicator's control, we need to give it our best try and exhaust our options before we give up. I think that being Indian, IT and skilled (I am all 3 !) does not have that much of a bearing on one's life situations and connection to green card being approved. Case in point : I went through a rough time myself (see beginning of the thread) and even paid the price (divorce, heartbroken) for taking a chance. However, everyones situation is unique.

    If you can post details of your case, then someone from here is sure to be able to give you some guidance. One last piece of advice, there is no substitute for a damn good lawyer who can get you the results. It might not come cheap though. There are instances of people having accrued unlawful stays beyond 1 year and lawyers having gotten them their EB based green cards later through CP using tricks such as waivers etc.

    Where there's a will, there's a way.


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  • qasleuth
    02-25 10:53 AM
    ya, lets step-up a poll and have everyone vote, as if this is the US congress. And after voting leave it for someone else to work on this and other "brilliant" idea. There needs to be a reality check. This poll doesn't mean anything unless there are enough people to spend time and energy at every level. But ya, lets setup a poll and have everyone vote, it will give everyone a feel good factor that everyone contributed in the advocacy effort, how? by voting in the pool and not doing anything about how everyone votes.


    Sanju, I understand your cynicism but not sure how your scathing comments are helping the cause. Hurling insults is not how you motivate people, if at all that is your intention. If you are so disillusioned then step aside for a few weeks/months and just watch.
    Keep in mind, I am not personally attacking you.

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  • wandmaker
    12-04 10:46 AM
    Help IV to help you - Do you know how hard it will be to count 3650+ days sitting on the same job?


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  • sheela
    08-21 06:03 PM
    This does not mean we will not be seeing any approvals now. USICS might have assigned the visa numbers to lot of pending EB2 I-485 applications. They will be adjudicating those cases in few days. So folks keep the faith , keep bugging USCIS (call them day and night) and check every 2 minutes and also don't forget to check your emails and website for CRIS updates every minute :eek:

    God bless us all!!!!

    Original Poster should not have sensationalised this memo. If at all this 'news' is true -this may be just something so-called internal matter. Best interpretion of this 'news' is: They may have assigned available visa#s to approvable petitions just as they did before 2nd July07 bulletin, where people kept getting approvals well into Oct07.

    So, ALL THE BEST to lucky ones who are 'pre-adjudicated'. How else you can explain Sep VB, which is yet to start from 9/1.

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  • needhelp!
    11-21 02:37 PM
    So, how did you do it BharatPremi?


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  • reachinus
    07-05 12:52 PM


    Name: Emilio Gonzalez
    Company: US Citizen and Immigration Service
    Address: 20 Massachusetts Avenue, NW

    Washington, DC 20529
    Card Message: Dear Mr. Sanchez Thanks for giving us
    hope for few hours on July 1st and
    taking it away(I-485 Reversal). We
    enjoyed the ride and the pain. Hope
    USCIS recovers from its insanity soon.
    Day Phone: 202-307-1565
    Evening Phone:

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  • dummgelauft
    12-08 11:54 AM
    Hello Ronhira,

    If some orphan or homeless break your front door and enter into your house, would you allow him to stay with your family on Humanity basis ?

    Why first of all INTENTIONALLY she entered other's territory ?

    You are right on the money.
    And all of us who are from India, let us not forget that INDIA faces similar issues of cross-border infiltration ( the reasons may be different), form some of our less than friendly neighboring countries.
    Indian forces are trained and instructed to foil these guys from crossing over by whatever means necessary, including blowing their heads off with a well placed gunshot...and if arrested, we all know how our Police forces and other investigative agencies treat and interrogate the people in their custody...
    Just one hypothetical question for these people...What if a pregnant female terrorist is arrested by police in India, just before she was about to engage in some terrorist act in India itself, is arrested and is shackled to her hospital bed, while she gives birth...would all of these "human rights supporters be saying these same things...

    Where does the "humanity" that these "holier-than-thou" people are talking about, go.
    We all feel happy when intruders are shot or arrested at out land borders....

    If India has the right to protect its territory from illegal incursions by Citizens of other countries, why not US?


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  • santb1975
    11-20 02:31 AM
    You seem to be having lots of Good Ideas about funding. you also seem to have the art like you mentioned in your post. Do you want to take the lead on a Fund Raising Drive?. We will be happy to hand this over to you. Have Fun :-)

    I never claimed any amount for this holiday gift on this thread yet but what if I want to donate $31 or per say $ 81 one time, I do not have that option now and so I will end up not donating now and wait and donate when I feel comfortable with $ 100/- or its multiplications. That is called turning away and if you guys do not see any danger into it I do not have any further words.

    Fund raising is an art and I believe our current startegy is lacking that art. If you guys see the base of any major successful fund raising (Grass root level not Political ones, mind well we claim ourselves grass root level organization)you will always find donors with $ 1 to donors with $1 million donatiing as per their will. Grass root level fund raisings can not afford constraints which normally goes successful in political and/or industrial fund raisings.

    Some of the strong supporters of current policy, in their argument, automatically assume that willing donor always used to spend $ 100/- frequently for drinks or food and may be living lavish life style. But they are partly wrong in their assumption...I myself never eat outside frequently. Even on a travel trip I cook my food by myself and I normally do not drink sodas or alcohol so what abhijitp has given a example at least does not remain valid for me but I can not say that it is completely out of proportion, as it has some valid logic but it can not be true for everyone.

    Point is if we make a wrong based fund raising policy, we may hurt ourselves only. I know my option, if I want to donate odd figure now, I will not be able to donate it now, and I will have to wait till I feel comfortable donating $ 100/- and/or single digit multiplications of $ 100/- but would that be considered a good and wise option?

    For an example, I am emotionally charged today and I want to donate $ 61/-(As I may plan that much only..for whatever reasons) but I am not able to donate so I will not donate and say after 4 months I will be able to plan $ 100/- but what if at that time I may not be emotionally charged to donate all together? So end effect would be I will end up donating nothing ( This is just an example..:))

    And for the sake of argument if you enrolled yourself $50/- recurring, you did it willingly and so would you change to $ 25/- recurring if $ 25/-option is available to you? (Note: I think most people on this board fear that with having a minimum amount option, most people will turn to that only but that may not be 100% true. and even if it may become true it will end up having more donation flow) For most people answer is no, I believe, They will stick to $ 50/- recurring option as they can afford and they did it willingly. But with current policy we are completely turning away the people who may otherwise donate, for an example $ 20/- monthly-recurring policy may turn 40 new commited donors in whereas $50/- recurring option is creating only 10 donors and thus we may be ending up $ 300/- confirmed donation loss per month. This is just an example and based on assumption that less amount would attract more commited donors.

    Having said all this, if majority memebrs and core still feel that this will be the only future standard for accepting donations then as I mentioned above, I will have only one option left and that is to wait till I become comfortable for donating $ 100/- ( I will remain emotionally charged...:))

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  • uma001
    08-14 03:44 PM
    That is cool. By the way, do you have to pay lagaan to US govt, I mean taxes on your kheti-baadi?

    I am already paying tax on my mortgage, I dont want to pay extra taxes for growing vegetables in my own backyard.


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  • santb1975
    11-16 08:27 PM
    Thanks for the contribution Sammy. Have a great holiday season

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  • PlainSpeak
    04-14 11:40 AM
    Instead of allowing US STEM graduates to get GC based on US job offer it would be beneficial to instead allow US STEM graduates to apply and get H1B without any quota. Tht way they will get into the system and don't need to go back to home country. Giving GC to STEM graduates directly is wrong by law because it bypasses labour and 140 conditions which state that a company is willing to sponser GC for a person based on current market conditions.


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  • sunny1000
    09-08 02:29 PM
    My other 15 replies to appropriate responses are forth coming but to this Macaca: This is a looser talk and thats why we should make sure folks like you donot get your work permits.

    whooooo, i am scared now....You can't even spell "loser"...loser...go ahead, make sure all you want, dumb f**king skinhead...:rolleyes:

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  • unitednations
    02-05 09:34 AM
    While what you say is from a very neutral perspective as you see things from the other side of the wall, it may not be 100% true in what you think it is. These agencies or companies are a creation of the system, tons of people come from India to fill job positions and systems have been designed to accommodate that. Companies like Wipro, Infosys, etc... have HR people stamp their own H1b visa and send people in a bunch to the consulate for verification.
    Indian companies do not 'FAVOUR" Indian workers, but take advantage and try to "EXPLOIT" Indian workers to cater to businesses.
    The way the system works is, there is always available pool of talent for American businessess, these happen with rules being framed to accmomdate skilled workers.
    Just like how Jewish people good in Financial stuff, Indians have been immigrating in skilled worker category.

    While from your perspective you seem to think that it is some sort of Mafia trying to break rules and taking law in its own hands, favouring thier countrymen, it is because you don't have such a big infrastructure in China or Philippines etc... it is again the same Indian companies that are opening up branches in Singapore, Malaysia, Shangai, etc.. and reqruiting people from there too. Chinese consulting companies are now operating in full fledged manner these days and there seem to be companies that cater to Chinese Canadians looking for jobs in USA by providing them a TN visa letter and bringing them to US and place them in Client locations.

    I have nothing against the staffing agencies whatsoever. I actually like the business model. The laws are generally being followed. There is nothing wrong with it. However, I do ask many of the companies why they only have indian or south asians. Especially if they have indians coming from Germany or Singapore, etc. Common answer I get is that other people have too much restriction. Expectation would be they would have their own corporate apartment, no bench time; selection of projects and no travel. As you know this is a little difficult to accomodate for these companies.

    It generally is being clogged because it is getting around family base immigration. Although there is nothing wrong with that legally; it does hurt the people who cannot have the same accomodation. I know many, many people who have u.s. citizen brother; sponsors parents for greencards, rest of siblings come through staffing agency and then cousins get invited through h-1b and then spouse want to work and then another h-1b gets used. Eventully whole extended family base is here going through employment base when perhaps they should be going through family base. Other country people do not have such luxuries or companies looking to sponsor them specifically. Other country people generally went to school here and then went to h-1b and even then they have a difficult time getting it because they don't have the connection.

    Because of all these workarounds; it is going to cause a lot of people to be here from just certain countries. I firmly believe that lawmakers, uscis know this pretty well (i've actually seen it in an i-140 denial where brother was ceo and sponsoring his brother for greencard) and this is why they don't want to lift country caps. They understand why the visas are being dominated. Pretty tough to get them to change this, if this is the way they feel.

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  • RandyK
    12-19 08:12 AM
    Just contributed.

    04-14 11:21 PM
    This is the only link that spots to this I have seen this earlier Not sure how reliable this is ? What is the need of any sublabor demand ( per direction of this thread?) if they just retain 140 date ? There would no need in first place for any one to use it .

    Here is what i found on USCIS website Posted after 7/2007.. btw this is quoted in Labor sub case.

    "The petitioner must establish that its ETA 750 job offer to the beneficiary is a realistic one. A petitioner's filing of an ETA 750 labor certification application establishes a priority date for any immigrant petition later filed based on the approved ETA 750. The priority date is the date that Form ETA 750 Application for Alien Employment Certification was accepted for processing by any office within the employment service system of the Department of Labor. See 8 CFR 5 204.5(d).",%20Professionals,%20and%20Oth er%20Workers/Decisions_Issued_in_2007/Jul262007_10B6203.pdf


    Here is something i found on the web for the interpretation of labor sub cases, the original PD stays with original beneficiary, but when the labor certification is used for another beneficiary then USCIS should allocate the new I-140 filing date as PD, not the original LC date.

    Following link suggest that labor substitution should not grant PDs.

    Can IV bring up this issue with USCIS contacts and see whats their interpretation of this rule?

    You wont belive but the labor sub was a big mess and thanks god both USCIS and DoL realised this rule being abused and scrap it, but i am pretty sure the sub labor filed in July 2007 fiasco is clogging india EB-3 PD and it will remain at that level for next 2-3 yrs.

    06-17 08:23 PM
    I also joined the group in DC and wow! What a rush! I did not attend the 2007 rally and have regreted it ever since, so when Aman asked me to join this time around I was 100% ready.


    1) The training we received on Sunday was outstanding, the IV core group is very experienced in lobbying our Congress folks, but they need manpower! So we were all there to learn and prepare.

    2) Meeting so many people in my same situation was enlightening and uplifting, you could feel the energy in the room and a hundred people getting ready to change the world!

    3) Monday and Tuesday were incredibly hectic. I figured out how to navigate the House and Senate office buildings sort of by the end of the first day, once you see all the tunnels you start to get the hang of it.

    4) We met with staffers from Congressional offices from the west coast mostly and some from the east coast. Some of the were clearly our allies, some others not so clear, although many pedged to support our provision even if they would not support CIR as a whole for example. This was very encouraging.

    5) DC was a buzz with tlka of the November elections and how that will affect the agenda for 2011, luckily we were there to start shaping it!

    6) Several staffers were aware of our issues (thanks to IV efforts), but they still don't know the subtle details like per-country quotas, AC21 interpretations and other issues that impact us. That's why we need to reach out in DC as well as our districts.

    7) Highlights were meeting with White House staffers and an actual Senator, I was very impressed. The Sen. was aware of our issues (although some confusion with H1B) but the staffers were very aware. I feel we really touched a nerve and made her realize the gravity of the situation for many.

    8) We met with the Microsoft government affairs people in DC and the outlook was bleak, they were in full damage-control around the Sanders-Grassley ammendment that would essentially throw out visa and GC holders from companies that had done or needed to do layoffs. WE NEED TO ADVOCATE FOR OURSELVES! WE CAN'T RELY ON CORPORATIONS TO DO IT FOR US!

    9) The reception on Tuesday evening was a great opportunity to meet other lobbyists that are our allies and discuss next steps and serve a s a capstone for a job well done.

    Great work on organizing this IV! We all need to support IV so that these events can keep happening and our cause can gain more visibility!

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