Thursday, June 30, 2011

patti labelle richard king

images Patti LaBelle - The House I patti labelle richard king. Patti LaBelle Disses American
  • Patti LaBelle Disses American

  • pritesh80
    05-01 10:59 AM
    I got a receipt notice today. Does that mean I made it before the 20,000 quota got over?

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  • franklin
    07-05 11:42 PM
    Well said. Just think of this flower drive as a way to display our collective might to the media. What really shocks me is that most of us are tech savvy and yet we don't even see too many blog posts on this issue by the community of skilled, legal non-immigrants.

    We need to be more vocal, and sending flowers is just another way of expressing our thoughts.

    This is true, I assume that everyone here has also participated in the media, funding and lawmaker meeting drives?

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  • of singer Patti LaBelle.

  • gcwait2k3
    07-17 09:20 PM
    Thank you guys for all your hard work

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  • gauravsh
    08-12 09:49 PM
    potatoeater can be anyone. He has so many reds. You should always check out a person. Get his name and phone number to check him before giving him any personal information. Just my thoughts.

    thanks man for concern, but nothing personal information was given. I am just trying to help a desi.


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  • Actor-director Richard

  • chanduy9
    07-03 02:43 PM
    this is to track how many sent the that by the end of the day we will know how many sent, no need to count in all the threads...

    Pls send may help us.

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  • Patti Labelle - You don#39;t have to say

  • amitjoey
    06-16 11:56 AM
    A Great Big Thank You to all of you who have been Contributing to enable IV to organize an event of this proportion.

    Thank You IV for providing us with this platform to get our voices heard where it matters the most. Go IV!

    The phenomenal experience of actually doing something positive to solve our problems is - but I am just acknowledging the great enthusiasm that was vibrating with our members - they realized the gravity of the situation, the opportunity that was within their grasp and wanted to make the best use of it. Hats off to you guys!!

    IV realizes that our strength lies within our members and their dedication - both in terms of participation and funding. And if there is one thing that almost every single participant took home from the event is that - we still have a long way to go and we need far more support and participation. .

    Thank You needhelp!, Devang, StarSun for summarizing the DC Experience. Each one of us that went to DC came back with a more positive outlook, the satisfaction of doing something good. I will write in detail my personal experience, but in a nutshell- The camaraderie, the enthusiasm and the tireless effort that some members put in is just commendable.


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  • Patti LaBelle All Right Now

  • jetflyer
    08-11 04:30 PM
    as usual after seeing these date like everybody else I also started thinking when will be my turn?
    I did some digging in DHS data and here is the list with number of PERM Approvals, these are for India only and includes EB2 + EB3:

    PD Year PD Month Count
    2005 Mar 1
    2005 Apr 24
    2005 May 133
    2005 Jun 535
    2005 July 794
    2005 Aug 1313
    2005 Sep 1316
    2005 Oct 1212
    2005 Nov 1541
    2005 Dec 1771
    2006 Jan 1788
    2006 Feb 1729
    2006 Mar 2224
    2006 Apr 1635
    2006 May 1876
    2006 Jun 1902
    2006 July 1574
    2006 Aug 1317
    2006 Sep 963

    2010 of singer Patti LaBelle. patti labelle richard king. Patti LaBelle - The House I
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  • ItIsNotFunny
    06-09 03:56 PM
    Advocacy day is going well. There are about 300 meetings being planed between today and tomorrow. Its very hectic in the situation room.

    This afternoon USCIS Ombudsman came to meet us in the situation room and spoke with the members. More details and pictures will be posted soon. Stay tuned.

    This is one of the most important event conducted. I feel bad that I couldn't attend in person.

    Kudos and special thanks to everyone who made this happen.


    patti labelle richard king. Patti LaBelle - The House I
  • Patti LaBelle - The House I

  • santb1975
    11-29 12:56 PM

    hair Patti LaBelle, accusing her of patti labelle richard king. Patti LaBelle: LaThugs Beat Up
  • Patti LaBelle: LaThugs Beat Up

  • gcdreamer05
    08-25 02:47 PM
    Thanks for sharing the experience, as some others have posted, the Visa numbers for this month have all finished for EB2, so you may need to wait till next month i guess....

    Dont worry you should get it soon.....


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  • Eve, Patti Labelle,

  • GCDream
    12-19 10:34 AM
    I just contributed $40.:)

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  • jonty_11
    08-09 05:12 PM
    No, I didn't go out of the country for stamping, coz i was under the impression that my visa was Change of Status from L-1 to H-1. Only now, i could find from the immigration lawyer that i don't have a valid I-94. My employer was napping too, all this while.
    u never got H1 approval notice with I-94 in it? If yes, then u have been out of status for over 6 months now.


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  • vxg
    08-25 04:56 PM
    Me and my lawyer sent formal inquiry to TSC about receipt date of my case and TSC as insane they are stated they will use Oct 10, 2007 which is the ND. My app was shifted to VSC by TSC for data entry. I have a receipt from VSC showing RD of Aug 3rd, 2007 however TSC officer replied in email stating they do not go by the dates from VSC their date is Oct 10, 2007. Such an insanity where TSC sent my app to VSC for data entry and is not honoring the date VSC entered. My lawyer is sending a formal request to correct it. I have taken Infopass in Sept as well however i may miss the Sept boat because of this wrong RD this TSC is using. This may very well be the case with a lot of folks.

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  • insbaby
    11-12 01:00 PM
    People have given me reds for asking the dad to go to the cops and reminding this dad his duties.
    I think these people who have given me reds only know how to produce many babies but do not know that it comes with a responsibility. Shame on you and to all those who live a life of fear and teach the same on this forum.

    Tell me something, if you have an illegal gardener/cleaning guy/moving helper/carpenter/plumber/handyman/male babysitter etc in your house and you have employed him for his servicesand he rapes your wife. Will you not go to the cops? Or will you sit tight at home and just post on the forum saying that you are an H1B and you fear that your H1 and greencard application will be revoked. If you still feel that not going to the cops is a better option, then I do not think your wife deserves a Man like you and certainly not a impotent person like you.

    I find posts on this thread very repulsive and cannot hold back these strong words.

    Great Internet.

    Without knowing whether such an insident happened or not, you can talk this much.

    1. There have been no evidences so far.
    2. Don't know whether the thread creator is the parent or nanny.
    3. Don't know whether it could be someone just want us to engagge in some sensitive arguments.

    I support you on going to cops, but prepare in advance to handle the backfire.


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  • insbaby
    11-11 09:21 PM
    If not you, somebody else will take this matter to the cops, and that person could even be me. Sorry!!!
    I feel sorry for your situation, but you have no choice.

    He might be thinking that the biggest mistake he has done so far is, came to IV for suggestions!!!

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  • is suing Patti LaBelle,

  • sk2006
    08-15 03:25 AM
    If your PD was current, but they didn't give you a visa, that is a mistake. Why should someone report getting a visa is a mistake? He applied for the visa, he/she got it. Is it his/her job to watch USCIS? What future problems should he/she expect for getting a visa?

    It is your choice but there were suggestions from attorneys that if GC is issued when PD is not current, it should be reported to USCIS to avoid future troubles. Search this forum for details. There were two threads disucssing this.

    Further, it is great mis-impression that everyone who applies for a GC watches visa bulletins, or knows how they work.
    Yes. Not until the ass is on fire. Then they run to IV.

    Some don't even have emails.


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  • dyno
    12-18 08:05 PM
    just sent mine

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  • santiwar
    03-08 12:55 PM
    I voted yes for 25 $. Where do i click to pay? The earlier version of this site had a very prominent link that mentioned "Contribute". I am lost now, trying to figure out where to go.

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  • involving Patti LaBelle

  • gcdesirer
    08-20 01:55 PM
    Does it say when they filed their 485?
    Yes it does..

    ID PD/ RD/ Approved Date
    kalikart -- 11/26/03 : 5/1/08 : 8/19/09

    08-21 05:18 PM
    one more thing...

    How come a DOS memo lands on a USCIS officer's desk. It has to be a USCIS memo.

    This is totally fake...

    07-17 09:31 PM
    I Bow. Well Done Iv Team.

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