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  • ksam75
    07-17 07:01 PM
    You guys are awesome. This is a great victory !!

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  • doubt123
    12-20 02:29 PM
    Contributed $50..keep up the good work !!

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  • sheela
    08-21 06:36 PM
    Someone gave me RED dot for my posting/interpretion of memo (as below). I don't care but some level of maturity is expected on public forums:

    If at all this 'news' is true -this may be just something so-called internal matter. Best interpretion of this 'news' is: They may have assigned available visa#s to approvable petitions just as they did before 2nd July07 bulletin, where people kept getting approvals well into Oct07.
    So, ALL THE BEST to lucky ones who are 'pre-adjudicated'. How else you can explain Sep VB, which is yet to start from 9/1.

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  • ssreenu
    04-14 07:50 AM
    From the following information:

    1.Grant GC to all EB 2 / 3 class pimary applicants who have completed 8 years of continuous stay in the USA without any criminal record.

    Personally, I do think the above bill you requested in the #1) is extremely difficult to work. It is because there was a bill proposed to the EB-2/EB-3 applicants to occupy the annual DV-lottery of 55,000 quota but it is NOT becomed a law yet. Now is April, 2011 and the DV-lottery results of this year will be announced soon online and the coming year of DV-lottery will be drawn again later during this coming Oct, 2011 but there is still NO hope to give those EB-2/EB-3 applicants into this DV-lottery quota. If this quota is occupied by EB-2/EB-3 applicants, less applicants will be in GC line.

    Also, there is a proposed bill to allow foreign US accreditated universities' advanced graduates of STEM and with a US job offer to have GC but again it is NOT becomed a law yet. Also, your proposed EB-2/EB-3 applicants who have continuous stay of 8 years in US without criminal record to have GC may not fit the requirement of US needed because some of these EB-2/EB-3 applicants are NOT graduated in US universities and some of them are NOT in Science, Medicine, Engineering and Techology academic major which US society in demand.

    Last time I have read some other online news or forum, it talks about there is guy who was graduated in a US university with double Master degree---one is M.Sc in computer science and the other is MBA and he still get stuck in getting his first new H-1B visa and later he decided to back home without choice. Yesterday I have read some other online news or forum, it talks about some people who graduated in US Ph.D or doctorate degree in Science/Engineering/Medicine cannot get the GC or some of them get stuck in his or her first new H-1B visa application (due to quota was full or from other reasons) or get stuck in the H-1B visa renewed. So without H-1B visa, how can they get into the EB line for GC?----They are all US graduates and have stayed in US for more than 6-8 years to study with social security card and drivers' licenses and without criminal record !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So you can see if your requested bill in #1) is working, so how about those who graduated in US university in Advanced degree of Science/Medicine/Engineering with US job offer or without H-1B visa?------They are US STEM graduates and have stayed in US with 6-8 years either study or work without criminal record (and with social security card and drivers' licenses)

    Personally, I do believe since US demand Science/Medicine/Engineering (STEM) type people and also need the inflow of money to rescue the national debt, so why don't allow those US STEM type graduates get the GC and bring the money to immigrate to start up companies to create job opportunities and to buy houses. Then the non-STEM graduates who want to stay in US can also go into the second path of immigration such as bring money to set up companies to hire 3-6 persons for better economy. The DV-lottery can open to any US STEM graduates to enrol online by " first come, first get" basis and if once annual immigration quota of 55,000 is filled, those graduates need to wait for another year to enrol online for immigration. So every STEM or non-STEM graduates bring money to start companies in US creating job opportunities, paying taxes and bring inflow of money----better economy is growing up.

    Moreover, those graduates will invite friends/relatives to visit US, increasing sales of both international and dosmetic airline tickets, hotel reservations, restaurant reservations and uplift the profits all kinds of retail businesses. Tourist visa fees will also add monetary income. Overall, inflow of money and jobs creation are dual powers to uplift the economy.
    With inflow of money from immigration, there is NO government shutdown and there is NO hiking taxes needed for the existing US companies.

    Also, in Australia, it allows foreign graduates who have stayed in Australia for over 5 years and without criminal record to get the GC automatically

    OK first of all this proposed bill has no relation to the DV lottery neither does it have any relation to H1B visa. We are talking about the people who are stuck in GC queue for 8 years or more. Which means we are referring to people you started their GC application 8 years ago and still waiting in queue without knowing when their number will come. I hope this clarifies your doubts. Just because you stayed legally for 8 years does not/should not qualify you for getting permanent residency, you have been legally here and paying taxes for the past 8 years there by contributing to the economic growth of the country and this should be the reason why the US govt should consider you for giving you permanent residency. Think about the kids of EB3 holders who are on H4 and want to join college after 16 years, They are not considered residents in US and there by all the international rules apply for their college studies. So much for being in US for 8 years or more and paying taxes to the government and contributing to the economic growth and you get to pay more and more. When illegals can get a DREAM ACT why not our kids? if you are married recently and had your kid born here in the US you might not understand this because your kid is a US citizen but it has a huge impact on EB category members whose kids are not born in the USA, just think about them.

    One has to start somewhere to achieve their goals without even trying to start how can we think this is not possible. I don't want to give any examples here but I would like to say that out motive should be to turn the IMPOSSIBLE to I'M POSSIBLE. Those who are with me please contribute. Critics are welcome without them we would never get new ideas for discussions.

    Wishing for the betterment of everyone in this forum!


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  • Leo07
    12-01 01:25 PM

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  • satyasaich
    08-11 10:01 PM
    what makes you think that EB3 are just graduates only? i worked in top 3 telecom company with 8 years experience before joining that company as full time employee in 2000 Jan. they started by GC process in JAn 2001.
    but they have a company policy that all will be filed as EB3 no matter what. i have my colleagues who have masters from US, but still EB3. what do you say ?

    what pisses me off is today i have more than 15 years of experience in IT , (yes Information technology only) and still in the line with EB3.
    I'm happy that atleast EB2 is moving but at the same time there must be a balance for EB3 as well. that's all my point

    (NOte: i was playing by rule so far and no regrets for that)

    because they spent those 2 years getting additional academic qualifications such as masters etc., you should have listened to your parents when they told you to study well.. didnt you play cricket then ?


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  • qasleuth
    02-27 04:19 PM
    Hi friends,
    No doubt this is a great idea and also as newbie2020 suggests no point of wasting time and loosing the current tempo and massive support of IV members on this regard.
    Would like to request all, is it possible to change the bridge schedule a bit to 9.00 or 9.30 PM EST so that it would be easier to participate for people who are in Pacific Time Zone? If most people have difficulty in doing that, lets move forward with the current schedule.

    Please update.....


    Sounds reasonable. Newbie2020 and others, does 9:00 PM EST sound ok to you guys ? We can cut down the call to about 45 mins to enable early risers to get to bed.

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  • deecha
    07-20 10:55 PM

    What I need to do now? My I-94 has wrong expiration date (I entered in US on 03/07/2007 and I got I-94 with expiration date as 01/10/2007). My attorney told me that it can be explained later. So, I've already file my 485 with a bad I-94.

    Please let me know if anything can be done or still I can do something to correct this issue.


    There are 2 possibilities here :

    a) Wait for RFE to be issued, then reply to the RFE with evidence document and a written explanation. It may not be as simple, as they might issue a NOID if the I-94 date causes you to be artificially out of status / unlawful stay for > 180 days. Again this is just a best guess. Ask your lawyer for a more detailed explanation.

    b) Use the I-539 status change form along with written explanation requesting an extension of your status because of the wrong date on the I-94 issued to you. Mail to CSC or VSC depending on jurisdiction. They should issue you a new I-94. When you get this, file an amendment to your original 485 that was filed. Again, suggest this approach to your lawyer and see what he says.

    All the best.


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  • srkamath
    07-10 10:28 PM
    Can any of the moderators please close this thread ... it is pointless.

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  • akhilmahajan
    06-18 11:22 AM
    Thanks for the replies. I guess, I do not have time to get all that done before I file the I485. Damn, should have taken care of it earlier. I guess I will have to fill the forms just as I have done for the labor and then hope that I am not stuck. Will follow up with my lawyer to get some legal advice too. If I learn anything new, I will sure post.

    Thanks again.

    I am in the same boat as u r............... i have emailed my companies immigration dept and waiting to hear from them............. if u hear something from them, can u please share it here with us............... will really appreciate that.............


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  • coolmanasip
    08-22 02:37 PM
    That was a good one. I must confess I listen to his show too every now and then to remind myself why i don't like him and his followers ( who, I am sure have a heart of gold, but are truly and utterly misguided)

    hahaha that was good one...heart of gold!! for the records, I ain't no follower here!!........

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  • hpandey
    11-13 09:54 AM
    We are proud of you for doing the right thing. Best of luck and God Bless.


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  • om.vikas
    12-23 05:04 PM
    If you have time for you visa application then get a new passort with name correction, or you can say them to put a observation on second page of the passport which can be done 1-2 days.

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  • gctest
    09-16 10:07 AM
    Looking at this hue and cry, I can only tell that you guys are shit scared. Because you know that we have a very strong case. and you are mad.. because we are fighting for our rights.

    About free speech etc... This is a bboard for a larger cause and your divisive tactics are best kept at your doorstep.

    Admins, please ban this character from the bboards. He/she is a delusional PhD who will end up fragmenting IV for his selfish needs...


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  • deecha
    08-09 08:50 AM
    1).I came to USA on L1-B in 2003 October and the I-94 was till september-2006.
    2). Then i changed my Visa to H1-B in 2005.
    3). I was asking my employer to file for change of status from L-1 to H-1.
    4). Those guys filed for a new H-1 and sent it to a consulate in India.
    5). I was not aware of this and i thought i am legal till september the expiration date on my Visa.
    6). Labor got cleared in July-2007.
    7). Thought i would file for I-140 and I-485 together and found out that my I-94 was expired since September-2006.

    What is the best course of action here to remedy my situation??
    Any advice or details of a great Immigration lawyer who dealth with such cases before would be of great help.

    Thanks in Advance !!

    You're in a tricky situation. If you leave the country now you could possibly face a 3 year ban on entry. If your H1 NOA did not contain a I-94 then you're possibly on unlawful stay. You could however file for a waiver with an explanation, but it is at the consulates discretion. I would find an Immigration lawyer and consult with him/her.

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  • santb1975
    11-28 12:32 PM


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  • hpandey
    11-11 04:33 PM
    If he goes to cops what happens to his 485? He is worried that's why he is on this forum - I think he was looking for posters with similar experiences and whether complaining to cops worked or not.

    Is 485 the sole purpose of our life now ? Personally I don't give a damn about the GC if I have to see my family suffer and I don't think any crime can be worse than seeing an adult abusing an infant who can't protect himself and not doing something about it.

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  • belmontboy
    04-15 09:55 PM
    So typical of you guys. Once you lose an argument you start abusing and if the opponent is a female its more the merrier for you guys. Do you even know the basis rule of being polite with everyone in USA. So if the guy is an american you will kiss his feet. The moment the person is an indian you start abusing if it is an indian female then you have a licence to abuse

    And these are the kinds of people who will get US citizenshiph

    If you flip the pages you would know who started all these.

    I did have some respect for your words though

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  • paskal
    12-18 08:07 PM
    Thanks all for responding

    We are at 19 now, in our fledgling campaign

    Please all, feel free to post when you contribute

    And please pick a number and push the counter forward so we can demonstrate our commitment to all those watching on the sidelines

    The next person gets to be 20...any takers?

    09-26 04:58 PM
    Can you explain how did u get it notarized?

    I need to know:
    1. Where I can go to get it notarized?
    2. Where on this form do I sign?
    3. Do we need two witnesses as the form asks for two Names / Addresses?
    4. What else I might be asked for when getting it notarized?


    Ok, i had the same problem.

    Surname: blank
    Given Name: First Last.

    But in all US documents had it correctly distinguished. Recently when i renewed my passport i got it fixed at NY. You DO NOT NEED a news paper ad for this kind of change. I went to NY Indian consulate personally to ask this question as no one was lifting the phone. The person over there gave me a special form to fill it out and get it notarized. I did all of that and they printed the name correctly. Another guy had same problem, he did not even filled out that form, but they corrected his name as well. I was surprised how lenient these guys are.

    Me and the other guy were joking on the way back in train because they did it for him without the special application, its like they don't care what name you have, " do you want Tom Cruise, i will write Tom Cruise - no problem at all, or even better, we will give you passports with empty name column, you fill it up with whatever you want :) "

    Don't worry guys, this change is easy and this does not impact 485 as well, as long as you have always reported your correct name in your other USCIS documents. THEY KNOW that internationals have their names goofed up in their passports. Its not new for them.

    Hope this helps.

    03-09 02:17 PM
    Thanks just now i contributed 25$ .... Go IV...

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