Monday, June 27, 2011

Bmw 7 series

Bmw 7 series
The new 7 series is larger in length and luxurious in look than its old model.  As it says it’s a pride and honor to have one. Because car will announce your status all u need to do be comfortably sit in it and u will.The new attraction of the 7 series is that it is 14cm longer than the short version. And this is used in the rear to increase the passengers comfort. The rear door is made some what larger to enter the vehicle easily. Totally the car looks spacious.The seats are individually adjustable. The air condition system has been re-build as per the customer feed back. Now the rear seaters too get enough.One model is equipped with eight cylinder V engine. The BMWs ia powering the 7 series with 750Li which always gives a maximum performance to you and the same time reduced fuel consumption and very eco-friendly too. It’s a 4395cc engine. The new V8 is provided with twin turbo. This produces a massive energy of 300kW or 407bhp. You can feel it in the road. A maximum torque of 600 Nm maintained consistently between 1,750 and 4,500 rpm. And accelerating from a standstill to 100 km/h takes just 5.3 seconds (WOOOW).There is an also option straight six cylinder petrol engine. It’s a 2979cc engine. This is also equipped with the twin turbo. And can produce a massive out put of 240kW/326bhp. And with this output at wheels the car can be cruised to 0-100km/hr in just 6 seconds. Engine weight is much lowered by using aluminum crank case. This can automatically pull the car smoothly on acceleration!Driving in dark is now easy with the BMW 7 series, thanks to infra red cameras, BMW Night Vision System. The system can reveals an objest up to 300meters. And the BMW is the only car maker to offer the person detection.  Intelligent algorithms look specifically for the pedestrians. In the pictures u can see how the pedestrians are detected shown in yellow triangles. The driver will get a additional warning on the control display.Now you can see all around you with 7 series. There are two front cameras integrated with front bumpers. The images obtained on the control display. Two more additional cameras are attached to the wing mirrors. The rear view cameras will provide a plus assistance with parking systems. . Interactive lane lines in the image inform the driver whether or not the parking space is large enough.

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