Saturday, June 25, 2011

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  • yabadaba
    09-17 01:24 PM
    25 min is up....

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  • abhijitp
    12-03 07:03 PM
    I just thought I will play the devil's advocate.

    It could be that $100 or $50 is a big amount for people. Maybe people do not make $80K a year, just half of that (there are may H1Bs like that). Micro-payments may be a better option for some people. Do we want to disallow those contributions as well? People who want to pay will pay and people who do not want to pay will not pay. I guess we just have to make sure that we donot deny the people who want to pay but cannot. :)

    I am willing to go along with monthly payments as there seems to be a consensus on this forum that it is the best option.


    This has been discussed umpteen number of times, but I am going to share a personal experience here (shared once already on a similar thread).

    For the last state chapter (Diwali Mela) event in North CA we were accepting ANY AMOUNT for a contribution, but were suggesting $25 or $50.

    How many contributed? About 20 from a state chapter that boasts of 150+ members.

    The fact is, people do one of the following:
    1. look at the recommended amount and contribute that amount (most of our donors were $25, and a few paid $50)
    2. pay a high $ amount simply because (s)he is convinced he wants to help as much as possible! (Most of the volunteers for the event paid $50 or more, and three of them paid $90/$100 each)
    3. DO NOT pay, no matter what, as they are not convinced it will help reduce their waiting time

    One more time... IV is not turning anyone away. If you can only contribute $10 a month, please feel free to paypal it yourself to donations at

    Like the squirrel who helped Lord Rama construct the bridge (sorry for making this a slightly "Indian" post, but can't think of a better analogy) every small bit is going to help IV, and will be most appreciated!

    However, the bridge to the GC is a long one, and our Lord Rama (IV) needs thousands of hard-working and contributing monkeys to make it a reality:D

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  • malaika
    01-09 02:21 PM
    I had my H1 visa appointment on December 27th in Chennai. They said that my visa was approved and that I would recieve my passport within one week. I have not recieved it yet. I called up the Consulate a few times last week and initially they were saying that 'it would take another 2-3 days'. Finally when I called up on Friday the 4th, they said that another 7 days was needed for the PIMS verification.
    Still no news......I was supposed to fly out on the 6th to report to work on the 8th but had to postpone my ticket.
    Anyone else in the same position please share!

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  • B3NKobe
    06-07 10:14 AM
    euhm yeah.. i've did it, but dont know if its legal..

    B3NKobe ?
    Sorry guys, nope.

    @dr_vroeg: Absolutly awsom!! Insane!! Unthinkable, SEXEH!! My fav so far!! :D:D:D!!


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  • Macaca
    11-07 04:56 PM
    What I really wanna know is how Grassley will react to a H1 visa blackout in April 2008.

    What is a H-1B blackout?

    If he fails to get his $5k tax hike before April and H1 blackout in the first day as expected, then it just adds fuel to the fire - he will rev up his war-drums again. But if he gets his way and H1 blackout anyway (if not in the first day then soon due to pre-existing demand from 2/3 of the applicants who lost the lottery last year), then he looks like a total a**!!

    Not surprising: grassley!

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  • bikram_das_in
    01-19 09:44 AM
    I will contribute to fight this in all possible ways.


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  • p1234
    10-02 04:52 PM
    My personal opinion is that other than few algorithm, electrical design, compiler design kind of jobs, most jobs in Computer applications can be done by an EB3/EB2 person. It's only how your company treats a particular job opening that you get designated as EB2/EB3. I could file in EB2 and lots of top-rankers from my class could only file in EB3. Does that make them any less capable than me?? Nope!

    Correct. gctest is a very narrow-minded individual just like some of the phds are.

    I have read many papers published by these phd students during my MS coursework. Many of them are an absolute trash!
    They propose something which has bunch of shortcomings and then list them down as future work.
    Others come along, look at the future work section and propose something else with one less shortcoming
    and so on...
    Every researcher says his/her proposal is better and runs biased set of tests to support the claims.
    99% of such research papers would be used as toilet papers in India by the homeless!
    Industry doesn't even look at most of this academic trash.

    Most of these phds (not all) end up as lecturers making people yawn in the class.

    The real productive ones that graduate from top notch universities, the cream of the crop that achieve breakthroughs don't come to this public forum and trash people around.
    They are the EB1, no wonders gctest is clubbed as EB2, is he any better than any of us?

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  • greencard_fever
    10-29 12:45 AM
    @ ndialani - Got your pvt. message. I will email you the letter to USCIS sec. Napolatino and the name of the IO at TSC.

    It's good to see that a lot of people who are not even current are proactively working on their cases and getting everything ready.

    Good luck!

    Hi Caliguy,

    congrats for getting greened...i saw you efforts and you deserve it...i am impressed and motivated with your efforst..can you share me the latter format which you had wrote to Napolatino..i would appreciate your help...thank you.


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  • RLNY122004
    04-28 08:46 PM
    Mailed $100 check yesterday.

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  • cashah19
    06-15 01:16 AM
    Yes she needs to be here to file I-485 and then she can leave and stay there..

    Thanks for the reply, I am assuming she has the same requirements as me in terms of medical , right which means another 2 weeks after she arrives. If she can't make it here in July, can I file under CP for her. Would she then get her EAD at the same time as me. I have been trying to get in touch with my lawyer but he's not there, and I want to make sure I add her in before the dates get retrogressed again.


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  • ashishgour
    09-17 11:37 AM
    Guess they are reaching a bi-partisan consent about giving discretion to judges...hopefully this gets done soon..we shud be up next..

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  • kumarc123
    01-11 10:30 AM
    IV core team is very active and working hard. Just because we do not see their posts on the forum does not mean they are not active. Aman Kapoor or Waldenpond- IV founder is very much active and working hard on this mission despite having his greencard. We have regular daily discussions as a team and he is one person I have seen who sleeps, drinks and live this effort all the time. He has spent his personal money to travel to DC and still takes time off from work to travel to DC on regular basis. Likewise there are others who are committed to this effort and are working hard on the tasks assigned to them. You see me most of the time writing on the forum because in the core team, this is the task assigned to me. I communicate with members. If we have everyone posting on the forum, it will not be a good use of our limited time off work on daily basis. Also know that IV is not forums. Just by writing on the forums, nothing ever gets done on the hill. There are several tasks that we have to do in this advocacy effort to get something done. You can see more regular updates on the donor forum on what we do behind the scenes. It takes lot of effort, commitment and patience to be active in this effort because results are not immediate or guaranteed. But with our efforts we have have had our successes and we are positive about the future successes. The key is to be consistent, persistent and passionate about this advocacy work. We need to understand that we as an organization represent hundreds of thousands of people suffering due to the broken immigration system despite following all the rules and being legal in this country. This long wait has caused lot of pain and suffereing in people's lives and careers. Everyday we feel the pressure of hopes of thousands of our members who look upto us with some ray of light. As leaders of this organization we carry this responsibility bravely every day on our shoulders and feel motivated from the support of our members and the passion we have for this cause.

    Why dont you organize a rally, we will contribute and be their for the rally. We need to do something ASAP. I humbly request you and other core members to organize a rally and pick one day for sending flowers to either white house or USCIS. Also we can balck out our personal information and send our transcripts as well.

    Please organize a date, how about February14th, we will get more attention. Love for permanent residency, media will like the idea and broadcast it.


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  • RaviG
    02-01 05:35 PM
    it seems like a good question to ask

    They are closed for the new questions. Can some one edit their question to include this part. This questions shows why fixing GC is important for americans and american competetiveness.

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  • sparuthi
    08-10 09:19 AM

    How can i get in touch with congressman to dicuss my namecheck



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  • jingi1234
    12-13 07:41 PM
    garanchai2go: did you get your passport yet?

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  • fide_champ
    03-29 08:42 AM
    Came to USA on H1B, paid for the H1B fees(at that time didn't know it was illegal to do so)
    however after coming here , Paid for my own ticket and landed here on start of january 2011.

    Confirmed my arrival to the employer too. Since my leaving the home country there has not been any mail correspondence from the employer , though i have been writing many. Talked to him over the phone and he said he wasn't responsible for my arrival as he doesn't have any project for me. Waited to get another job as a H1B TXFR but stuck with trnsfrs issues due to non availablity of paystubs from him.

    I never reported to work as he said dont come to office, dont have any paystubs, but have all my H1B papers , I97 and Employment offer from that consultant. I have decided to leave back to my home country but not before reporting this blood sucker to DOL.

    I need to clarify a few things before i nail these blood suckers

    1. How long before i board my flight back home , should i send the documents to DOL

    2. I have the originals of H1B filing and LCA and I94, are they rquired in originals
    or copy to send to DOL

    3. What other documents should i send alongwith

    4. Do you think my case will get weaker if iam not here ? As i am flying back to my home country.

    5. I dont want these suckers to go scott free, so how to build my case here , can i ask the DOL to recover my wages for 4 months i wasnt getting paid.

    I do not care if i get any wages or not from them , but i really wanna see the locks on the gates of this company. They shouldn't take H1B and its applicant for scapegoats.

    Any advices are welcome to help me bring these guys to justice.

    did you and your employer agree on a joining date? Who's call it was to bring you into US? If you are working for a consulting company, you probably don't have agreements like this. But when you are spending your own money, I would expect you to be doubly sure that your employer wants you to be in the USA.

    You've landed straight into the pitfalls of this body shopping business unfortunately you've lost quite a bit due to this. I am not sure screwing the employer should be the top priority. All your effort at this point must go into finding a way to stay in this country. If you do not have paystubs, you could still get a H1 transfer but you may not get a new I-94. Explore all options to stay in this country legally and resurrect your career.


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  • Refugee_New
    10-17 06:03 PM
    How abt filing a lawsuit with USCIS?

    Sue USCIS just because we are not getting good exchange rate from ICICI?????

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  • chanduv23
    02-06 02:12 PM
    If it is India EB2, then yes, but I guess once ROW eb3 becomes current, we can see unused visas flowing in from all directions (Just a speculation) and PDss may move afster. But forr now, God knows when the PD will move.

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  • 485Mbe4001
    08-27 12:46 PM
    The VB mentions that dates will revert back to the June bulletin and the current says that they may retrogress. We are being too optimistic. before people start the bashing, i am EB3 retrogressed and have sent emails and letters about this issue, still waiting for a response. A query to my congressman came back with more spin about national security and how they are comitted to meaningful immigration policy, nothing from the letters to Rep. logfren and USCIS. Oct VB will be an eye opener for us as well as other EB2's and EB 3 ROWs.

    what DEC 2001 ? Is this for India China or rest of the world?

    05-23 03:38 PM
    > i am not berating anyone for that matter!

    09-17 02:20 PM
    Seems like Zoe is loosing patience. She is starting to accept a lot of amendments and is some how trying get it wrapped up.

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