Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bmw 5 series

Bmw 5 series
This is the new BMW 5 Series by the Germans manufacturers. This vehicle is a mid size luxury sedan car. This 5 series has the ability to challenge a Mercedes-Benz E-Class and Audi A6. Performance wise this is the best vehicle as a mid size luxury saloon car. The comfortable BMW is now even more luxury and comfortable. Mainly this vehicle was produced for the Business Executives because it has the special stuff for these sorts of persons .The vehicle is a four door saloon car with front engine, rear wheel drive and 4 wheel drive option. In Germany this BMW is known as the BMW E60. This BMW has advancement of technology as compared to the last versions. The vehicle has an electronic control over from head to toe like suspensions, interior lights and different temperature zone in the spacious cabin of BMW 5 Series. Safety is priority of the Germans manufacturers so they have introduced a new technology of trailer stability program which enables towing a caravan. The interior includes very interesting options in it. A superb cruise control and an active steering wheel are available.
The new features of the BMW 5 Series include night vision and high beam lights. The drive train has 6 speed automatic transmissions. For entertainment music system in the LCD screen is available and a CD-Player, DVD Player and a navigation system is also installed in the Heart of this BMW. The Engine is very powerful and has a displacement of 3000cc. and produces brake horse power of 255. The alloy wheels and the body cut of the vehicle enhance the beauty of the saloon car. The grill is very beautiful and the tag of the BMW is right up front of the bout. The lights are very amazing and look pretty good on that mid size luxury saloon car.

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